Focus is required to be successful
Career success requires focus
Focus on getting the proper education, training and experience

These things are obtained over time and
Sometimes you may have to work overtime
But not consistently and continuously
Because to stay focused, productive and efficient
you must practice self-care
Occasionally you must “stop, drop and roll”

That’s right. Stop “doing you”, drop your cares on the Father and
roll into the glory that God has for your life.
This is not only true for your career but it is true for any area of your life.
It is true for relationships, particularly with those of the opposite sex.

Some of us seem to make a career of finding a mate or having a mate find us.
We get distracted spending time on social media and dating sites.
We spend inordinate amounts of time talking on the phone
to people who we know are nowhere close to being “the one”.
For those who talk like they halfway have some sense we may go out on a date.

After we meet them face to face we realize they posted untruths in their
profile about both their height and weight. Often, the initial meet-up is the only meet-up
You both mutually decide (without talking) that there is nothing there…
and it just fades away. You may encounter a few pests that try to keep lurking around.
You ask the Lord for protection from stalkers.
If you are fortunate, you will garner a good platonic friend or two.

If you have a lot of free time on your hand
the process can be a fun hobby that may, over time, reap beneficial results
But this girl here is a minister no less with a full-time job.
Yes, I am what they call bi-vocational.
I don’t have time for these distractions.
I’m going to have to wait on the Lord.

Maybe while I am focused on witnessing to some fish, instead of playing on Plenty of Fish, I will cross paths with the one God designed just for me.
In the mean time I am going to stay focused on the work that Lord has for me.
Stay focused on the Father and the rest will come.
#FocusedontheWord #Matthew6vs33 #1Peter5v7 #Psalms55v22

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